Hello Pikki!

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Hello Pikki!

I am soo excited to start sharing Pikki with the world!!! To Be Pikki is to never settle for anything less then what totally satisfies you. I have discussed my own life journeys as well as other people’s and have came to the conclusion that life is full of choices and test and some times those choices are our test and some times we fail our test by settling and not going for what we really want. So simply Be Pikki, Never Settle.

So what is Pikki? Pikki is a state of being, a conscious of knowing what you want and not accepting anything else. Everyones Pikki is a little different because what Is perfect for you may be different than what is perfect for them! Never judge other people cause they may be living their perfect life you just don’t know it since it is not the same as you picture yours. So this blog is not only going to be dedicated to SweetandPikki.com Fashion but Pikki Lifestyle as well.

Pikki Lifestyle is a lifestyle guide to a better life, with little trades, tricks and how-to guides for beauty, food, financial and more. It’s the inside guide to the Pikki Lifestyle!

I can’t wait to share it with you!!!





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