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Amethyst Double Drop Sea Shell Necklace is a whimsical piece filled with magic. A purple scallop sea shell with two amethyst drops with a healing cluster filled with black tourmaline, fire agate, labradorite and crystal with a sterling silver 30″ chain. Amethyst is a healing stone it brings positivity and protection from self-deception. It amplifies focus, meditation skills and wisdom as well as stimulates spiritual transformation. It is also the dream stone, put under your pillow to bring you pleasant dreams. Labradorite gives clarity and gives your direction to reach your dreams and goals. Black Tourmaline pushes all negativity away. It brings luck and happiness. Fire Agate protects, attracts strength, inspires knowledge and problem solving as well as improves sexual activity. It represents absolute perfection and instills spiritual fortitude. Seashells have been worn for protection for over 100,000 years. Seashell jewelry is the oldest form of jewelry known; it has an ancient past and is of great importance. Seashell is a symbol of power. Seashells provide universal love, enlighten and protect from negative energies. Seashells are symbolism of the spiral, which represents the masculine and feminine energies, the sun & moon and infinity connecting us all. Seashells protect, inspire and attract desires.


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