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Blue Quartz Healing Seashell Necklace features a beautiful blue quartz healing crystal point with a green sea shell scallop. Paired with a healing gemstone cluster with labradorite, aquamarine and fresh water pearl. On a 30″ sterling silver chain with a lobster clasp. Handmade in Denver, CO.

Seashells have been worn for protection for over 100,000 years. Seashell jewelry is the oldest form of jewelry known; it has an ancient past and is of great importance. Seashell is a symbol of power. Seashells provide universal love, enlighten and protect from negative energies.

Seashells are symbolism of the life spiral, which represents the masculine and feminine energies, the sun & moon and infinity connecting us all.

Seashells protect, inspire and attract desires.

Labradorite gives clarity and gives your direction to reach your dreams and goals.

Aquamarine protects, brings truth and clams the nerves. It also brings peace and serenity and is very powerful for meditation.

Pearl protects and heals along with re-balancing energy vibrations. Pearls help women connect with their inner goddess.

Healing quartz point amplifies energies. Blue is aid for your communication/throat chakra.


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