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Kiss Of Rose Quartz Sea Shell Necklace


Product Description

Kiss Of Rose Quartz Sea Shell Pendant is an enchanting piece. A beautiful Mauve Scallop Shell featuring two rose kissed quartz crystal points with labradorite, moonstone, pearls and crystal cluster. Pendant is on a 30″ sterling sliver chain. This is a amazing piece with healing and protective properties. Handmade in Denver, CO. Seashell from hand picked from Sanibel Beach, FL.

Seashells have been worn for protection for over 100,000 years. Seashell jewelry is the oldest form of jewelry known; it has an ancient past and is of great importance. Inside seashells are designs of infinity; which connect us with everything. Seashells protect, inspire and attract desires.


The scallop shell has been an important symbol for people throughout many ages and cultures.  It was regarded by some as a symbol of the womb, of fertility.  Others saw its converging lines as a reminder of the rising sun.  Christianity adapted these images as well, as a renewal of life, of resurrection.  In addition to these symbolic meanings, a practical use by a saint gave it new purpose:  a symbol of journey and pilgrimage.

stJames bsThe apostle St. James the Great traveled from the Middle East to Spain, it is said, telling the Good News of Jesus Christ and carrying a scallop shell.  With it, he begged for no more than he could gather in one scoop, whether it be a drink of water, a mouthful of beans or a bit of bread.  With this small, consistent measure, even the poorest folks that he came across were able to share with him without being burdened.  Legend says that St. James is buried in the church at Compostela, Spain.  Medieval pilgrims followed his route across Southern Europe, coming to venerate his relics at the church–and carrying a scallop shell.  People still make this pilgrimage. Today the Way of St. James, the Camino de Santiago, is marked with signs illustrated with scallop shells.  The shells have become an important part of Western art iconography, appearing in both secular and religious paintings.


The use of the scallop shell as a means of protection (or as a protective charm) for travellers, dates back to the period of the Crusades (a series of Christian expeditionary wars against the Moorish invaders). The scallop shell had been chosen because, according to tradition, when the remains of St James were originally unearthed, it was said to be covered in scallop shells.



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